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The Embracing Ring
Yisabu Dokdo Memorial Park International Competition
Bridged Houses
TaiKoo Hui Premium Washroom
A Residential Tower
Napavilion competition – ‘Pillow’
Competition, Winner
TaiKoo Hui SD Washroom
A Sai Kung Resort House
Co-working Space CWB I
Co-working Space CWB II
Rejuvenation of Hong Kong Cultural Centre
PMQ Taste Kitchen
HKCCSA Clubhouse Redevelopment
Competition, First Prize
CUHK School of Architecture
Competition, Shortlisted
HK Boundary Crossing Facilities
Live Nature
2009 HKSZ Architectural Urbanism Biennale
An office in Hong Kong
Fa Po St
Nam Cheong
Ip Global Office
Yu Ho Apartment
HKDC PMQ Design Gallery
School of Creative Recources Centre
The Roof
My Apartment
HK Art Centre Designer Toilet
Arty Privy – Hong Kong Arts Centre
30th Anniversary Designer Toilet Series
Dream City
2013 HK-SZ Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture
Art In Legco
Competition, First Prize
2010 World Expo HK Pavilion
Idea Design Competition, First Prize